It’s been a long time since I hadn’t been to Rajasthan, especially for a talk. The last was in 2017, and it was to help school students learn about Rapid Prototyping. I was glad when Mozilla Rajasthan invited me to do this. I arrived in the morning, met up with Vishal, and we were ready to go for the event.

Vishal Das interacting with the audience.

Vishal started off with his session and helped the audience understand Git & GitHub. It was a great session and the audience had a lot of fun understanding what Open Source and how do these individuals, teams, communities and companies operate.

We were speaking to a full house, and more!

When Vishal finished his session, that was my cue to enter and talk about A-Frame and building VR on the Web. I started the session softly and built up the energy to help the audience understand VR, AR, MR and how do we use A-Frame to deploy it on the Web. The session was really energetic and I had a lot of fun with the audience!

While that’s all from me about the event and what we did there, it’s just one person who made an impression on me. The college student had been following since months on Instagram and when he heard that I was arriving in a city nearby, he got on a bus and arrived to hear what I had to say and meet me. It’s an honor to be admired like that!

I hope to keep this up as much as I can. That’s it from me, this time.

See you soon!

Peace! ✌

P.S. find the event pictures here:

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